Raw Local Honey


Raw Honey

Most take honey for granted but in the last few years Raw Local Honey has gain popularity for it’s healthy attributes.

Raw honey can but used simply for its sweetness properties or for direct health reasons such as allergies indigestion, balance of blood sugar, neutralize toxins, relieve pain, calm the nerves and so much more.

This all happens because of the important properties of honey, the “Antioxidant”  that lies within Raw Honey.
Grocery stores may carry raw honey but normally has been heated to a level that takes away this important active ingredient.

The best way to get “Pure Raw Honey” is to find a beekeeper in your local area.

Here at “All Bee Management” we provide Raw Raw Honey right from the hive. Many hives that are removed are aged which brings the “Antioxidants” at there highest level. Remember the darker the honey the better!

If you would like to purchase some of our quality wild flower honey please contact AJ;

(760) 500-9606

Bees must visit approximately 2 million flowers to make 1 lb. of honey

Bees have to fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 lb. of honey.

On average a worker bee will make 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Two tablespoons of honey would fuel a honey bee flying once around the world.

Honey bees will visit between 50-100 flowers during one nectar collection trip.

All Bee Management provides “Local Honey” from the following

Local Raw honey Riverside-Local honey Sun City-Local honey Hemet-Local organic honey Menifee-Local honey Murrieta-Local  Temecula-Local honey Fallbrook-Local honey Carlsbad-Local honey San Marcos-Local honey Escondido-Local Raw honey Vista-Local honey Rancho Bernardo-Local honey Poway-Local honey San Diego-Local  honey Rancho Sante Fe-Local honey La Mesa-Local honey El Cajon.

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