Past Bee Removal Jobs

This honey bee hive was removed from a second story overhang in San Diego.                    SAM_0311

Bee hives in trees and bushes are typical. This hive was removed from a golf course parking lot in Riverside California.

Orange County also gets many honey bee swarms, this hive was huge, as the owner looks on the swarm disappeared in the structure.                                                                   SAM_0335

Throughout Temecula irrigation boxes are popular for bee infestations. Seems the rule of thumbs is the lower the hive the more aggressive.  This last season 15 customers were attacked and stung some hospitalized.


Huge honey bee swarms are most active in Spring. Take note even though honey bee swarms are scary they are NOT harmful.  Once they land admire but done aggravate as they can and will be defensive.                                                                                                        SAM_0327

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