Save Our Honey Bee’s

Colony Collapse Disorder;

              For the past eight years or so, we’ve been hearing the term “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD) to refer to the seemingly spontaneous abandonment of their hives by honeybees. Bees have been abandoning their hives for centuries, but the rate at which such collapses have been observed started to increase more drastically in the 1970s, reaching alarming proportions around 2006. While numerous causes for the phenomenon have been floated, from pathogens and parasites to electromagnetic radiation and a proliferation of genetically-modified crops, new research from the Harvard School of Public health bolsters the case that a certain class of insecticides seem to be to blame.

Many believe there are many more reason for (CCD). At any rate the best way we all can fight this serious problem is to plant more colorful flowers in our yards and make sure there is a small amount of water near by. Re frame from pesticides and such.

Even though the Honey bee’s have a powerful sting they are certainly delicate. Did you know that if we loose the honey bee life would change as we know because every three things we eat has something to do with the honey bee.

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