Live Bee Removal

The Importance Of Our Honey Bees

Most people don’t realize that the beekeeping industry is responsible for one-third of the food we eat.

In the past six years however, the annual die-off of those little pollinating insects responsible for pollinating plants – a process essential for maintaining our food supply has become increasingly dramatic. It is a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder (CCD).

There have been a number of possible explanations for CCD including urbanization, disease, water pollution and parasitic mites.

Many researchers and beekeepers however, now suspect the introduction of systemic neonicotinoid pesticides as a possible catalyst for the vanishing bees. The unfortunate thing is the world as we know it, losing our honey bees, will change forever !!!

All Bee Management specializes in Live Bee Removal. 90 percent of the calls we receive can be live removals, many companies find it easier to eradicate before removals or customers my not realize a live removal is possible until its to late.

Live Bee Removals are possible from these common areas;  Bees in tress, bees in bushes, bees in attics, bees on eaves, bee swarms by walls, bees in containers, bees in mulch bins, bees on patio furniture, bees on patio covers etc….These removals are accomplished by two different methods. One, a special assembly is used a vacuum is attached to a clear screened box with the pick up hose on the opposite side of the box.   The bees will gently be vacuum and trapped in that chamber . The second method is simply handling the have in such a way that the bees that are attached to the honey comb will be put into a bee box during the removal. And later put onto a farmers land with sugar water and some shade.

Where Do The Bees Go when a small swarm is recovered we may put them back into the wild (6 miles from removal location). Most of the removals are large in numbers between 20.000 – 80.000 in this case bees are relocated to bee keepers of farmers.



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