Removal and Repairs


When it comes to bee removal a thing called “Pheromones” plays a significant part. All Bee Management received a call from a customer in San Diego in that a bee removal was done by another company but the bees keep coming back. Once we arrived and did an inspection a couple of things were not correctly done. First its important to completely scrap all wax and clean the surface at least 3 times then apply a primer to kill the scent. Each hive has its own scent or pheromone for that colony. Second the bee entrance was not closed. This is extremely important this is where the honey bees call home, of course they want to return to the hive. Once the entrance is closed the bees have no other option to fine a new place to live. If a tree or bush had a bee infestation then the branches the bees attached themselves to need to be trimmed.


Most cavity removals require repair at the time of removal such as roofs, boxed eaves, stucco walls, drywall, and siding just to name a few . Because of my extensive construction experience you can be reassured that your repair will be done by trade specifications.

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